Monday, April 17, 2006

Sam update

Sam has a tail now.

Another week and Sam now has a tail.

I haven't worked much on him this past week. I have been busy cleaning up the yard, getting the garden areas ready and sneezing from all the pollen. It rained last night so that should wash some of the pollen away.

Here is another of Sam's picture. This one in profile.

Meanwhile I finished the sleeves on my denim vest, took them to the local dry cleaner to have the sleeves sewn on the vest, and here it is.

The sleeves are knitted in Prism Wild Stuff Denim. Prism is the only "novelty" yarn I splurge on!

I also finished a summer vest.

This one is a variation of the honeycomb class I took at my LYS last year. It is done in Colinette Giotto and Rowan Summer Tweed.

And this last picture is of a FLAK (Follow the leader Aran sweater knitalong) saddle for my husband. I finally settled on the yarn from Black Water Abbey. The color is Bracken.

In all, quite a productive week.

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Gina said...

I love the idea of the sleeves for the denim vest, Aporanee! Did you have a pattern or just make up your own?