Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm on a roll

Two more FOs
Check this out!

I finished this hooded honeycomb vest in exactly one week.

Noro Silk Garden and Manos de Uruguay. I love it. I might do another one in blue. It was a very quick knit.

And yet another pair of socks. Feathers and fans.

Onward to February. Yeah!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A very productive month!

January has been a great knitting month so far.

I overfullfilled my sock quota.
Two pairs of Jaywalkers.

And a pair of Monkeys.

I started a honeycomb vest for myself. This is a class offered at the Yarn Barn, my favorite LYS. The owner, Penny Sandford, and I decided to try a hoodie version. It is coming along nicely.
I have to pick up the front bands and around the hood and then it will be finished. The yarns used are Noro Silk Garden and Manos del Uruguay.

BFF Velva and I are on to another project, an entrelac vest in Noro Silk Garden Lite. Here is Velva with her gauge swatch.

It took forever just to do the swatch! I hope the vest itself won't be such a pain! Stay tuned. February proves as promising. 29 days of knitting!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A look ahead

A grand scheme for 2008!

Every January I come up with some great ideas of what I want to accomplish, whether or not to achieve all. Well, this year I have one modest knitting resolution.


I have enough sock yarn to outfit a centipede.

I took a sock class three years ago. Knitted a few pairs on two circulars. After constantly dropping one set of needles I taught myselft the Magic Loop method. Then I got hit by the Second Sock Syndrome. Then I found the two socks on one circ method. Back to knitting socks. That was, until I dropped a stitch on one sock and had to laboriously tink back both socks.... back to collecting sock yarn....

Then last December Noro sock yarn came on the market.

I got re-bitten by the sock bug and have not stopped knitting socks since.

Here is a Jaywalker in progress.

I plan to knit at least one sock a week and have download a ton of patterns from Ravelry. Hopefully, I will have a pair of socks handy whenever I need gifts.

In the meantime I cast on a cardigan for Arwen

This is Noro Silk Garden 269. The picture doesn't show the cable that well but it looks really nice. The mohair/silk mix makes it softer and lighter which is what I want. For some reason I also got bitten by the hoodie bug. I knitted a few Wonderful Wallabies for gifts over the holidays for the grandchildren, one for me and still have one on the needle for a friend. Yet I find myself poring over more hoodies. I am deciding between these two yarn for a Rogue.

Both are undyed, natural merino. On the left is from Beaverslide Dry Goods and on the right from Morehouse Merino I am leaning towards the dark grey.

I also want to knit this.

The Central Park Hoodie. This one, however, will be a spring/summer yarn. Maybe in Rowan All Seasons Cotton or some wool/cotton blend.

I can see this is going to be an ambitious year.