Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A look ahead

A grand scheme for 2008!

Every January I come up with some great ideas of what I want to accomplish, whether or not to achieve all. Well, this year I have one modest knitting resolution.


I have enough sock yarn to outfit a centipede.

I took a sock class three years ago. Knitted a few pairs on two circulars. After constantly dropping one set of needles I taught myselft the Magic Loop method. Then I got hit by the Second Sock Syndrome. Then I found the two socks on one circ method. Back to knitting socks. That was, until I dropped a stitch on one sock and had to laboriously tink back both socks.... back to collecting sock yarn....

Then last December Noro sock yarn came on the market.

I got re-bitten by the sock bug and have not stopped knitting socks since.

Here is a Jaywalker in progress.

I plan to knit at least one sock a week and have download a ton of patterns from Ravelry. Hopefully, I will have a pair of socks handy whenever I need gifts.

In the meantime I cast on a cardigan for Arwen

This is Noro Silk Garden 269. The picture doesn't show the cable that well but it looks really nice. The mohair/silk mix makes it softer and lighter which is what I want. For some reason I also got bitten by the hoodie bug. I knitted a few Wonderful Wallabies for gifts over the holidays for the grandchildren, one for me and still have one on the needle for a friend. Yet I find myself poring over more hoodies. I am deciding between these two yarn for a Rogue.

Both are undyed, natural merino. On the left is from Beaverslide Dry Goods and on the right from Morehouse Merino I am leaning towards the dark grey.

I also want to knit this.

The Central Park Hoodie. This one, however, will be a spring/summer yarn. Maybe in Rowan All Seasons Cotton or some wool/cotton blend.

I can see this is going to be an ambitious year.

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