Friday, February 17, 2012

A match made in heaven!

I love my Matchless.
This has to be the most beautiful yarn I have made to date.

This is 50% Blue-faced Leicester and 50% silk fiber from Julie Spins.  The original braid looks like this:

Five ounces of gradient dyed beauty.  I simply split the braid lengthwise and spun it worsted.  I spun the singles with the Scotch tension on the Matchless, but plied using the Double Drive feature.  The result is a two-ply, light fingering weight yarn, about 18 wraps per inch gradient yarn.  I got an amazing 600 yards out of this.  I think it is the high silk content that contributed to the high yardage.

It is so pretty.

I love BFL.
I love the Matchless.
I could not get enough of this!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Here comes number two

Second pair of socks done!

These are the biggest socks ever!  They were made for Geo, who is 6-3 and wears size 12 shoes.  I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn I opted for black heels and toes.  Good thing I did because I would not have had enough yarn otherwise.  Finished and delivered to the birthday boy on Superbowl Sunday.

Onto pair number three:

These are for Geo's little sister Callie, who is not small either.  Well, these are being knitted from Wollmeise which is over 500 yards in a skein so I should have plenty of yarn. 

It is only February and I am on socks #3.  However, I haven't got a pair to keep  yet!  Everybody and his brother is asking for socks!

In the meantime I am spinning up an absolutely gorgeous 50 % BFL (blue-faced Leicester) and 50% silk fiber from Juliespins.  The colorway is Ice Eyes.

 I have two 5-oz braids of this beauty, but one should be enough for a good sized shawl.  I am spinning it on my new Sidekick. 

Did I tell you about my new Sidekick?

The latest folding, traveling wheel from the Schacht company.  She weighs only 13 pounds and folds up to fit in the overhead compartment of a Boeing.  Not that I plan to haul her anywhere except for the spinning open house at Uniquities.    In fact I love it so much that two weeks after I bought her I sold by Aura back to the shop and bought her bigger sister, the very aptly named Matchless.  Now I have the dynamic duo!

Just need more hours in the day to spin!  :-)