Friday, February 17, 2012

A match made in heaven!

I love my Matchless.
This has to be the most beautiful yarn I have made to date.

This is 50% Blue-faced Leicester and 50% silk fiber from Julie Spins.  The original braid looks like this:

Five ounces of gradient dyed beauty.  I simply split the braid lengthwise and spun it worsted.  I spun the singles with the Scotch tension on the Matchless, but plied using the Double Drive feature.  The result is a two-ply, light fingering weight yarn, about 18 wraps per inch gradient yarn.  I got an amazing 600 yards out of this.  I think it is the high silk content that contributed to the high yardage.

It is so pretty.

I love BFL.
I love the Matchless.
I could not get enough of this!

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