Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Adventure in cotton, take two

Last year I struggled with cotton knitting and failed miserably. I could not get gauge and the fabric turned out real floppy. I finally figured out that it helped if I knitted cotton with wooden or bamboo needles. I could control the tension much better that way. I started some cotton projects but by mid-summer Bill's condition worsened considerably and when he passed away last July my world fell apart completely. Not a single cotton project was completed.

As I knit my life back together I figure I can try cotton knitting again. I love both these Juliets.

The first Juliet is a Zephurstyle pattern knitted in bulky weight or worsted weight held double. The second one is a Debbie Bliss done in Rialto DK. I want to do them both in cotton. I started the first Juliet with a bit of modification. Getting adventurous, aren't we? I read in Ravelry that the pattern runs very large and that a lot of people knitted it in worsted weight yarn single and with good result. I can't imagine doing a garment like that in heavy yarn or in wool. I am knitting it in Rowan Summer Tweed, single, on size 7. That's the first modification.

The second modification is that I am knitting the bodice in stockinette instead of garter. I don't like garter stitches.

And as if two modifications weren't enough, I am increasing with yarnovers instead of knit front&back as the pattern calls for. I think it will go better with the lace pattern in the botton of the garment.

I am hoping this will work out okay. It is knitted from the top down so it is relatively easy to customize. I figure I can try it on as I knit to see how it fits. There is always a frog pond nearby.

Last but not least. The other day I came home from work and Runty was not at the door to greet me. Surprised and a little concerned, I went looking around the house for him. Guess where the little guy was?

Speaking of cool cat...

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