Monday, August 04, 2008

A midsummer update

It's about time!

I have been slacking so badly.
You can call it a totally unproductive summer so far, so a productive one, depending on how you look at it. I have not been able to get a single sweater going this year. I started several, but all have either been put aside or frogged. The latest attempt was Hey, Teach! I got this far:

Rowan All Seasons Cotton. All that was done in sone sitting. But that was just about it. And that yarn has gone through several projects. I just might finish this one. I just might.

I was also fascinated by Norah Gauhgan's Manon:
I knitted up one peplum triangle out of curiosity. This is Karabella Aurora 8 from stash. The gauge is a tad big but I think it will fit just fine. If I finish it. The pattern is intriguing enought it might keep me going. We shall see.

Socks, however, are another story.

I can't stop knitting them.

Socks are a success story. Pair after pair after pair. Socks never let you down. Socks are great knitted up in pairs:

Or even singly:

Socks are your true friends. Socks are forever!

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