Monday, November 09, 2009

My Facts and Figures

A good way to stash down!

This is the start of a sweater that Penny Sanford, the owner of the Yarn Barn, my LYS in Burke, VA, disigned. It is a customized sweater designed to fit your "facts and figures." We started with taking our measurements and from a favorite sweater that fits and go from there. We are using eight accent colors of about 100 yards each and two main color of 300 yards each. It is knitted cuff-to-cuff and can be a cardigan, pullover, v-neck or crew-neck.. Whatever you like. It is made for you by you!

This is what I got so far:

It is a fun knit and fast too. Tonight we meet for the second part. Stay tuned.

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Miriam said...

All the facts and figures sweaters are coming out beautifully! How far are you?