Friday, January 13, 2012

12 in 2012

A tall order?  Maybe not

Almost everybody does it.  Almost nobody follows it through.

The New Year Resolutions, that is.

But I am not resolving to lose weight.  Nor to eat right.  Nor to exercise.  I am already good with that.  I am not going to stop buying yarn or fiber either.

We are talking spinning and knitting folks.  All things woolly and wonderful.

Here are the goals:

Twelve pairs of socks;

Twelve handspun items:  spun and knitted, at least one spindle-spun.

Spindle every day!

Finish 12 WIPs (works in progress), including at least one sweater on the needles for two years now.  Shame on me!

Get rid of the yarn I no longer like or want.  Sell it or give it away.  Get in out of the house.

Tall order?  Maybe, maybe not.  We'll see.  I am off on a good start though.

The first pair of socks are already in the bag.  Actually given away.

BFF Ann's Pittsburgh Steelers socks.  Well they may look more like bumblebees, but I finished them in time for the Steelers play-off.  They lost, but that was not the point.  So that's one pair of socks down, eleven to go.

I also have one handspun item in the bag too!

Icy Honeycomb Cowl, test-knitted for a fellow snobby spinner on Ravelry.

Not bad for a start, eh?  And we are not even half way through January yet!

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