Thursday, May 04, 2006

Entrelac, entrelac and more entrelac

I love entrelac.

Last year, I took an entrelac class at my LYS (local yarn store for you non-knitters). This is the result:

Yes. You must have figured out by now that I love vests. This is knitted with Noro Sil Garden, one of my all-time favorite yarn.

I am now working on two more entrelac projects:

This is a shawl/stole for a very good friend. It is again knitted with Noro Silk Garden -- about 1/3 done now. The pattern is from Pam Allen's Scarf Style book.

And of course another vest in progress:

This is Rowan Summer Tweed and the leftover Prism Wild Stuff from the denim jeans jacket.

I had to do the entrelac part twice. The first time I followed the pattern, but the entrelac squares turned out far too large, thus making the vest pan out at the bottom. I ripped the whole thing and decreased it by five squares (30 whole stiches). It now fits perfectly. I did the twisted ribbing at the bottom and will do the same around the armholes and front placket. I should finished it this weekend.

See you at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Yes, I need more yarn!

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