Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Knitting, gardening and grandchildren

I need to come up with more catchy blog titles!

The weather has not been that bad here in Northern Virginia. We had a really hot day last week when the mercury topped 90, but just for a day. So far it has been in the high 70s and low 80s. Quite nice and bearable for this time of the year in this part of the world. I am still struggling with cotton yarn. The only summer yarn I have had luck with so far (and projects finished) has been Rowan Summer Tweed. Here is the Yarn Barn Tee waiting to be sewn up.

The trim is Prism. Just about every Yarn Barn knitter has made at least one of this. If I hurry up and sew it up I might be able to show it off tomorrow. Wednesday is knitting day, show-and-tell, workshop and everything else at the Barn.

In the meantime Kim has been in the creative corner with linen yarn. She and Penny came up with a pattern for a linen shell with wave/seafoam stitches:

Here is mine. In blue, of course.
Handpainted linen lace weight, two strands held together.
I also took Phyl's advice regarding shoes. Shoes come in pair, so always buy two pairs!

Aren't they cute? Comfortable, too.

It's also time for the zuch update. I have three babies in the backyard.



And Three!
Things are looking good in zuchland!

But I save the best pictures for last. Here is my granddaughter Elsa:

Elsa lives in Austin, Texas. She just turned eight months. Here she is again with her big sister Grace.

The most beautiful little girls!

Happy knitting.


Anonymous said...

Love the polka dot shoes!! Keep up the good work on the Linen T/overshirt/whatever.

Hooray for the babies zucchini and human form they are both lovely

Phyl said...

I adore the shoes!

I miss you and the whole gang at YB. I hope to be able to come to Wed night in two weeks.