Friday, June 01, 2007

There's something about cotton

It doesn't like me.

Summer knitting is really hard, especially so if you are dealing with cotton. For some reasons I can't seem to get gauge with cotton. I am a loose knitter and usually have to go down a needle size or two. But with cotton I have had to go down three or four needle sizes! Worse, after knitting for a while the piece starts to grow, and grow and grow! I have had more luck with cotton blend like Rowan summer tweed. I tried Nashua Ecologie Cotton with a disastrous result. I love the yarn; it just doesn't like me.

Then I came across this pattern in the new Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton book.

It's called Maddy and I want it. Now. Like I need to get yarn and cast on today. But I have to do a gauge and it's pure cotton and I can't get gauge with pure cotton and I know if I insist it will grow and will be all floppy and will not fit. I don't want to knit it in wool because it will be too warm and I want to knit it now and wear it now.

I need to go look for wool blend or cotton blend. What gauge is Rowan's wool cotton? That's DK. The Maddy calls for 18 stitches to four inches. Wool cotton won't work. I need light worsted. Does Penny have anything at the Yarn Barn? By now you must have guessed I am writing this at work and it will be another six hours before I can get to the Yarn Barn. Six hours! I have to work six more hours! Wait. It's Friday. I can get out early. Maybe four hours..
Bamboo tape. That might work. Penny has Bamboo tape. In fact there is a ball in the car.
Four more hours. I'll better get some work done if I am going to get out early.

Happy Friday


Sondra said...

Hi Aporanee... Sounds like you need a drink to start your hunt for the perfect yarn... then a second drink to celebrate. I have faith that you will find the perfect yarn, in a sensational color, knit this wonderful sweater up in no time at all, and be wearing it soon. And as always, I will be amazed at what a great knitter you are. In the meantime, have fun with your yarn hunting.

Phyl said...

GGH Samoa or Cascade Pima Tencel? I think that pattern would look good in Silk Garden. Try searching on for some other fibers. I think you have to be just a bit careful because of the construction, that Bamboo might sag. Good luck!