Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hose problem solved

Well, sort of.

Still not the most attractive of all, but at least the hose is off the ground.

I think I need to get a shorter hose. I really don't need a 100-footer. Maybe a 50-footer will be more manageable....

The flower boxes are in.

Nice, huh?

I need to get some knitting in, but wait, I need to show you the zucchini plants:

This is week 2:

It's growing!

Happy gardening.


Anonymous said...

Check out those zuchini plants. I am sure you will get a plentiful harvest from those gorgeous specimens.


Phyl said...

Zuchini party! I can't wait for the harvest.

The window boxes are beautiful! Why have a hose at all. Plants don't need water, do they?