Monday, May 21, 2007

One stitch at a time

We are stitching up the Hokie Healing blocks.

First Kim steam-blocked all the squares.

We laid out the blocks.

Then we stitched. The lady in red is Penny Sandford, the owner of the Yarn Barn. On the floor is one of the forces behind the blanket project, Phyllis.

Lee Ann stitched.

And then showed off our work!

We're getting there! Stay tuned for more pix of the blanket and the garden (the veggie gardens are in and planted! Yeah!! Tale of the zucchini later).

Happy knitting.


Jan said...

That totally warms my hokie heart.

Phyl said...

There's nothing like working together on a project. I can't believe how wonderfully it all came together!

LauraRN said...

Lovely work. Gina et al will be so happy to receive it.