Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blanket update

I was supposed to post this yesterday but was running around too much.

We tried out all the blocks on the floor of the Yarn Barn and moved them around to check out the best combination.

Phyllis was thinking really, really hard.

We finally decided on the placement of the blocks.

The four corners will be an angel, a star and two VT squares. Phyllis took the squares home to block and steam while I will crochet the edge onto the angel block to make her an eight-inch squares. We will get together this Friday to assemble the blocks. Leftover squares will be sent directly to Gina.

Then I tried to sew up a sweater, with some help from the green-eyed rascal named Runty. Why would you want to sew up my new blankie, he asked.

Here, Kitty, go play with my tape measure...

Naah... I'd rather snooze on silk...

Well, you guys have a happy knitting while I try to forcibly remove the beast!

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