Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Zucchini dream

I just love my yard!

I'll need to do something about the hose, though. Right now it is just an eyesore. Gotta find a way to either hide it or tastefully incorporate it into the landscape somehow. We shall see.

See what I mean about the hose?

The vegetable gardens are planted. Tomatoes, basil, hot peppers, and cucumbers are in. Bean seeds will go in next.

And of course zucchini.

I have a love-hate relationship with zucchini cultivation. There was no zucchini in Thailand where I grew up. I had my first zucchini in 1984 when I came here and have heard how easy it is to grow zucchini and how you would have "zucchini coming out of your ears" ever since. In fact, one of the reasons we bought this house was that there was plenty of room in the backyard to plant zucchini.

I have been dreaming of zucchini plants growing in my garden with loads of zucchini forever. I wanted zucchini more than home-grown tomatoes.

The truth is I have never had a zucchini plant that produced more than two puny zucchini! No zucchini coming out of my ears, no searching for new zucchini recipes, piling your neighbors with surplus zucchini, no zucchini big as your thigh hiding under the leaves.... My zucchini plants would grow, produced two fruits at the most, then succumbed to some sort of zucchini-eating bugs. I kept dreaming of boatloads of zucchini....

This year. This year it will be different. I have a new bed, new soil dedicated to zucchini. This year I will have tons of zucchini. I am dreaming of zucchini.

This is going to be the most documented and blogged zucchini plant in northern Virginia.

In the meantime I dressed up my front door.

And placed the welcoming cat.

And more cats.

I'd better get some knitting done. The truth is it is hard to stay inside when it's so lovely outside.

Happy gardening and happy knitting.

1 comment:

Phyl said...

Zucchini. Yum. I'm wishing for masses of zucchini for you to share with your best knitting buds. (hint, hint)

And stay outside, play in the garden, keep those hands busy. I have to catch up with my knitting!

Your yard looks lovely! Perhaps you could crochet the hose a cover?