Thursday, May 10, 2007


Not a very exciting title, but this is truly about updates!

I finished two Prism projects:

A vest/tank top in Wild Stuff Ginger colorway. The trim is Rowan Bamboo tape. A quick and simple knit. It turned out nicer than I thought. At first I was afraid it was going to be to fru-fru for my taste, but it turned out nicely.
And the sleeves on the denim vest:

This is Cool Stuff in Mojave. The vest is a Michael Kors that I got on EBay for $9.99! It was brand new with a tag of $89.99 still attached!

That was only the finished projects during the past two weeks.

I got back to spinning some more and took the comprehensive spinning class at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival last week. The three-day class was full of information and useful tips. Definitely worth the two-hour-each-way commute.

This is the infamous Capital Beltway from my dashboard:

The Sheep and Wool was fun and full of dazzling merchandise as usual.

I bought more fleece and roving than yarn this time. I bought some supersoft Cormo roving (Merino-Corriedale cross) on Saturday and after test-spinning it Saturday night went back Sunday and bought a fleece! Will show you the pictures later.

What else have I been doing? Oh, the yard is getting a makeover. It looked so old and tired despite some blooming shrubs:

I decided to have to whole yard redone. Stay tuned for more on the work in progress reports. The work is being done by a knitting friend at the Yarn Barn who happens to be a landscape designer. Let me tell you, that Yarn Barn if shock full of resources! Knitting advice, nutrition and diet advice, gardening tips, home remedies, name it, the Yarn Barn's got it!

Last but not least, here are some Hokie squares we have done! We are moving right along and hope to have at least one Hokie Healing blanket from the Yarn Barn knitters.

Happy knitting!


PURLEWE said...

I really enjoyed meeting you in Judith's class. I am so glad you went and got a fleece!! I can't wait to see what you spin!

Gina said...

Love the squares! Glad you had fun at the festival, drats, Phyl and I had planned on going, but instead chose to sit on our A@#$%.