Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A quest for red

I'm getting there.

My search for the perfect red for a Christmas sweater is winding down.

I got this in the mail yesterday.

Madelinetosh worsted in scarlet.

Looks good on Runty.

I am thrilled. This is my first order with Madelinetosh and it looks like a start of a wonderful relationship. I have five skeins of this from EatSleepKnit.

Now the search for the pattern. I think this is going to be Mr. Greenjeans.
Then this morning I got an email from the Backwards Loop. They are getting Madtosh in tart this Thursday! Six skeins are on my way!

It's raining red on my party, and I'm enjoying it.

In the meantime this is what the hallway in front of my office looks like:

Boat anchors anyone?

Finally, finally we are getting rid of the old CRT monitors and replacing them all with the flat-screen LCDs. I got mine over a year ago (rank has its privileges.) but some offices have had to wait. Finally there is some year-end money to spend and they are replacing the old clunker monitors. About time!

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