Friday, September 25, 2009


Just keep on knitting...

I have been pretty productive. The CPH for Julie is coming right along. I finished the fronts, back and sleeves. Now will have to join the shoulders and get to the hood. I am going to have a lot of yarn left over. The yardage requirement for the larger sizes in the pattern is way, way off!

In the meantime I whipped up a cute little vest from the Noro Mini Knits Book 2 by Jenny Watson:

A very quick knit in Noro Kureyon. The pattern calls for 200 grams for size small. I used more because I wanted to match the stripe sequence. This is color number 52. Stash yarn. At one point in time I was buying a lot of Noro yarn. Then I found out that a full-size sweater in Noro is a bit too colorful for me. A little vest like this is perfect. Just enough colors to jazz up a wardrobe but not too overwhelming.

Speaking of color. I dream of it. Dream of Color, I mean.

This is Dream in Color Dusky Aurora. I have had this for at least a year now. Every time I looked at it I said "Hmm, it's kind of dull." The colors are a little muddy. I wonder why I bought it. Then one day I decided to swatch it. Just to see what it would look like knitted up. I was really surprised how pretty it is knitted up. Perfect.

This is this sweater, from the Queensland Collection book 11 by Jenny Watson. I love her designs.

Front and back done. Now on to the sleeves.

My favorite color is blue. In fact I have too much blue stuff. It's time to deviate. Another trip to the stash came up with this.

Perfect red. This is Brooks Farm Solana. I picked this up a couple of years ago at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. Just two skeins -- 620 yards. I don't know why I only bought two skeins. I want to knit a Christmas sweater but that is not enough. It will have to be a shrug or a vest. Maybe a DIC shrug.

The red yarn I really want is this one:

Madelinetosh worsted in tart. It is out of stock everywhere. Hopefully EatSleepKnit will have some soon.

In the meantime I dusted off my wheel and picked up spinning again.

This is Mountain Colors in meadow. Very pretty jewel tones. Not my colors but it will make a nice shawlette gift, I think.

I will Navajo ply this. It is going to be gorgeous.

How many projects do I have ongoing? Now you know why I look forward to weekends!

91 knitting days until Christmas.

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