Friday, September 16, 2011

Simple math

This works.

Earlier this week I forgot my breakfast so I went down to a McDonald's and got an oatmeal and a hash brown. $3.25.

I normally bring breakfasts and lunches to work. A two six-pack of bagels or muffins at Costco cost seven dollars.

I did some quick calculation. One work week of McD's = $16.25. One month would be $65.

Twenty-four bagels from Costco costs $14.

That's $51 savings.
This is definitely an "Aha!" moment, because that's a Glindle!

This is my mohogany Russian-style support spindle with cobalt accent. I am still learning to spindle on a support spindle, so it helps to have the right tool.

Now a Cobb salad at Quizno's costs $8. That's $40 a week, $160 a month.

My lunch is usually leftovers from dinner the previous night.


Here is a reversible top/bottom spiral spindle from Malcolm Fielding from Australia:
And another reversible from Grizzly Mountain Arts:

I like math.

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