Thursday, March 01, 2007

Noro Fever!

There is a Noro virus raging around my knitting neighborhood. It started at my LYS, the Yarn Barn in Burke, Virginia.

The Noro yarn there has been flying out of the shop as fast as Penny can get it in. And we all are knitting as fast as we can.

Here is my latest acquisition of Noro yarn:

Kureyon, Silk Garden, Iro, Transitions and even a skein of Daria Multi.

What have I done with it? How many Noro projects can one have on the needles at the any one time?

Here is a jacket from the Nasua booklet that I am doing with Iro #70 instead. I like the pattern but not the Nashua Equinox yarn, so I altered the pattern and the guage to fit Iro. So far I have the back, front and sleeves done. I will now put the body together and start the hood.

It looks good on (or under) Runty, doesn't it? He just has to check out and put his marks on every knitted object!

This is another jacket from the Debbie Bliss Noro 2 book.

The pattern calls for Noro Shinano but I decided on Karabella Soft Tweed instead. It is very soft. The stars and the border designs are Noro Kureyon 170. I only have one ball of the Noro; the rest is on order so this one is put on hold for now.

I finished a multi-directional shrug (a Yarn Barn exclusive!) with Silk Garden held with Lana Grossa Baby Kid:

A sweater for the husband. Not Noro! This one was done all in Lana Grossa Royal Tweed. I love that yarn. I added the "design element" on the left sleeve as I discovered I did not have enough navy to finish the whole sleeve. It turned out wonderfully. Bill loves it.

Back to the Noro. Here is a vest I started for DH. This one in Kureyon. It has three cables down the front. Being a relatively new knitter I did not really how much cables pull the fabric in. I have had to recalculate and reknit several times befor I got the front and the back to be the same size.

Hmm, you can't see the cables very well in the picture, but they are three horseshoe cables with seed stitches in the middle.

An ongoing project -- this is the start of the Lizard Ridge afghan in Kureyon that will be a Christmas gift this year for my stepdaughter. I decided to knit in strips in stead of blocks and then will join the strips together. You don't get to play with rearranging the blocks, but it cuts down on binding off and seaming.

Twelve people at the Yarn Barn are knitting this. I have only got four blocks done so far, but this is not a race...

Looks like it is going to be a busy knitting year.

Last but not least, here is a very cute picture of Runty modeling a sweater I knitted for a friend's doggie:

Happy Knitting!


Juliejohn said...

Where did you get the yarn that the owner named her new colorway "Aporanee's Wedding"? I'm in need of a hand-dyed yarn fix. Many thank! Juls/end.

Phyl said...

Happy Knitting indeed!

I adore the Debbie Bliss Noro Sweater.

Anonymous said...


I love the Iro Substitution for the Nashua Equinox.

Maybe I should try that.