Monday, March 26, 2007

The Yarn Barn Jacket

Last summer Penny Sanford, the owner of my favorite LYS, the Yarn Barn in Burke, Virginia, designed and knitted this jacket:

Several of us, including the intrepid Phyllis , fell in love with it. Penny didn't write down the pattern so we dicided to reverse-engineer it.

Here is the yarn I picked out:

Nashua cotton, Clip and Trendsetters.

So far, so good:

This is a quick knit -- all garter stitches multi-directional triangles. The fun part is you decide as you go. Each one will be different, and individual. We are writing down all we do so that we will have a pattern available for those interested.

All the time Runty was supervising from his perch:

Stay tuned.

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Phyl said...

I'm done! Are you? and Kim and Velva might be by tonight as well. ;-)

Missed seeing you today!