Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April snow

Whatever happened to April showers?

In Thailand, where I hailed from, it never snows. April is the hottest month of the year where temperature can easily top 100 F. April 7th is my birthday. The last time it snowed on my birthday we were in Moscow.

Definitely not in Northern Virginia.

But on Saturday I woke up to this:

And the daffodils greeted me with a bow:

It was cold. It is still cold. But at least the snow didn't last and we were a lot luckier than those folks in the MidWest or up in New England.

Good knitting weather. I finished the body of the Yarn Barn jacket.

That doesn't look much like a jacket, does it? Here is the front:
and back:

Now I will have to add the sleeves and collar and button band, but will need to wait until Wednesday to ask Penny.

I cast on and started knitting the Juliet sweater using Classic Elite Classic Silk but I was off gauge and it was huge. Rib it I will and redo the math to match my gauge since I want to knit in in Classic Silk. I don't want a summer sweater in wool and I can't seem to find cotton that knits to 22 sts/4 inch that I like. Any suggestion?

Off to work. Weather permitting, I will attack my back yard today. We are redoing the landscape and I want new vegetable beds made. The ground is probably still hard as rock but we will see.

Happy knitting.

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Phyl said...

Have you tried Alpha from Online? I adore it!