Friday, April 20, 2007

Sleeves update

It has been a sad week for us here in Virginia.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of those students and teachers killed at VA Tech. Also please say a prayer for the family of the gunman. I can't imagine how one would feel to find out that your child is a mass murderer...
Virginia is notorious for lax gun control measures. Let's hope this will change some of that.

Knitting always provides me peace. I finished a blouse for my sister.

Rowan bamboo tape. Pardon the stitchmarker. I have to get the ribbon for the tie. This bamboo yarn is such a joy to knit and it drapes beautifully. I don't know how much it will stretch, though.

I also finished a vest for myself. Adventure in lace!

"Two-way lace" vest from the Best of Knitter's Jackets book. This was my first lace project. I have somewhat overcome the "yarn-over" mental block. I am going to tackle a lace shawl project this summer. The Charlotte's Web Shawl.

In the mean time I am finishing up the sleeves (and only sleeves!) from the Prism stuff:

They will go on a purchased denim vest. I did one last year but sent it to my sister. The colorway for this one is Mojave. Very pretty painted desert colors.

Last but not least, an update on the Yarn Barn Jacket.

It's getting there. Hopefully I will finish the sleeves this weekend. See, who says I don't do sleeves? Then on to the the collar and the button band. Yeah!!

Happy Knitting.

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Gina said...

Thank you for thinking of us...