Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Musing

Not a bad weekend.

I made a lot of progress on the Central Park Hoodie. All the main parts are done. Now I have to make the front band and then sew all the parts together and I'm done. The Knitpicks' Main Line yarn knits up nicely. I will use it again.

It needs some serious blocking though. I will block it some more before sewing it together. Not very far to go. Another one to cross off my list soon.

At the Saturday workshop at the Yarn Barn we compared the progress on the entrelac vest. We are about on the same page now.

Naturally we couldn't resist showing off our socks as well.

How cool is that!

Penny's Granddaughter Christina shows off a very cute sweater her grandmother knitted for her :

Not a bad weekend at all.

Every so often you go through stacks of magazines and books looking for that one pattern that is just for you and come up empty. Then again every so often a pattern jumps out and yells "I'm yours. Knit me. NOW."

This is one such pattern.

Mrs. Darcy Cardigan

I have to knit this. I have to knit this now.

Rowan Summer Tweed in hurrican. From stash! The yarn was in such high demand last summer I did not get it until late fall so it was tucked away. The dark color doesn't photograph that well but the twisted ribs show up nicely and it is knitting up quickly too. I am also eyeing another of Mary Weaver's pattern, the Dahlia. But I will not cast on until I finish two more of my UFOs. Ha!

It's time for coffee, then back to work.

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