Friday, February 29, 2008

When it rains, it pours

Honestly, there is no escape...

The Central Park Hoodie and Mrs. Darcy are both finished and waiting to be seamed. I will try to do that some time this weekend when it is nice and quiet around the house. We are going to the Buddhist temple in Maryland again this Sunday for a merit-making ceremony for Pom's late brother. We did that two weeks ago for Bill. More on that afterwards.

In the meantime patterns and yarns keep throwing themselves at me. And I am so powerless...

First the Prism Andee yarn I ordered came. When Penny called I thought I was going to have to take out a loan to pay for it. As it turned out, not bad at all for Prism yarn. I won't tell though. Sorry, Mom, but I won't tell. It's a wonderfully soft 50%wool, 50% alpaca yarn, hand-dyed with color saturation only Laura Bryant of Prism can do. The colorway is mink. Think fur. The real colors are much deeper than this:

The cables also show up much better than in the picture.
The pattern is Chicknits' Twist. I won't make a hoodie, though. I like the collared version much better.

Another pattern I have been looking at for a long time is this bell sleeve jacket in the Vogue Holiday 2006. I even got the Cascade 220 yarn for it.
Somehow, something about that jacket didn't strike a right cord, so I kept putting off casting on. Then two days ago I saw this picture in Ravelry and did a double-take.

That was it! I didn't quite like the belt. And I didn't like how the body edging was done it reverse stockingnette. Bless her heart. Night Owl explains in great detail in her blog how she changed it into ribbing to match the sleeves; how many stiches, how many rows. Increases, decreases, the whole nine yards! I am now going to do it her way. Thank you Night Owl.

Now third's a charm, right?

The Nantucket Jacket. Yeah, cables galore. I love cables and moss stitches. The model is knitted in Berroco Pure Merino. I have Karabella Aurora 8 in ivory and grey. It knits to the same gauge. I have Dream in Color Classy in Black Parade. No that's too dark. Dusky Aurora would be very nice. I love blues. I don't have that. I cannot buy more yarn. Must knit from stash. Must not buy more yarn.

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