Monday, February 11, 2008

WIPs and UFOs

This is bad.

I took stock of my work in progress and unfinished objects over the weekend and had to sit down. I stopped knitting and did the laundry. But then I had to face the truth: there is no way I am going to finish all that! I sat down and realistically went through the UFOs. More than half went into the "to be frogged and yarn reused" pile. A few more are designated "maybe." The to-be-frogged pile went down to the basement for now. The maybe's are set aside to be pondered over at a later date. If I stare at them long enough I might get inspired.

The rest are must do and will do. Here we go, in no particular order:
1. Basketweave Hoodie Would have finished it if Runty would get up! More on this hoodie later.

2. Duchess Dress. For Granddaugher Ingrid. In Debbie Bliss pure cotton. This needs to be done by the first week of April.

> 3. Entrelac Vest. Noro Silk Garden Lite. A little more than a third done, I think. Fun knit. I like entrelac. The armhole and neck shaping looks challenging since the pattern is not all that clear. It is all knitted in one piece.

4. Shaped shawl. Prism Stuff in tumbleweeds. It is halfway done. This was meant to be a present for a very dear friend last Christmas. I sent her socks. Then it was meant to be her birthday present this past January. I sent her socks. I am seeing her next month in Santa Fe. It will be done.

5. Charlott's Web Another shawl for another friend and my first real attempt at lace knitting. I am enjoying it very much. Love the yarn. It is Dream in Color's Smoochy sock yarn. I will make one for myself with Koigu.

6. Hedwig Socks Do socks count? I thought you are supposed to have a sock on the needle at all time....

7. Jaywalkers. More socks. Enough said.

8. Valley over the Moon Vest. From the Simply Shetland 2 collection. This one has been hibernating for over a year despite being 75% done. I must finish it. This is my first intarsia.

9. Central Park Hoodie

Just cast on over the weekend. If you ask why, I needed something to do while having a pedicure done. Berroco Pure Marino Nuance in gray.

I thought I would at least finish off the basketweave hoodie so I wrenched it away from under the Runt and plodded along. Voila.

The hood looks funny. Maybe I should have tried it on before doing the crap stitches. It couldn't have been that bad, could it?

It was.

Way too big. Now I will have to rip the crap stitches, rip the whole hood out and redo it. There goes the weekend.

Can I cast on a sock?

Or shall I tackle Mara?

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