Thursday, July 09, 2009

I'M back!!!


Back from the brink!!

Not that I have not been knitting. Just that I have not been blogging. But summer is here and I promise myself I will be better at blogging.

Just a start I signed up for Summer of Socks on Ravelry.

So far, so good. This is the first year I participate and the theme is no stress, no pressure. My kind of knitting. My first pair was done while on a trip to North Carolina. A lot of car knitting. This is Twinkleberry with Socks that Rock. Don't remember the colorway.

One of the goals of the SOS participation for me was to try to knit the socks toe-up, which I did in the second pair.

I used Judy's Magic Cast-on method and short-row heel. I finished them but am not too thrilled. The toes aren't neat and I definitely do not like the short-row heels. They are also too big for me. I wasn't figuring out quite right yet the measurement of toe-up socks. Anyway, here they are. Roccoco with Claudia Handpaint.

I am not giving up on toe-ups, though.

My second attempt is Wendy Johnson's Diagonal Lace socks.

I used the Turkish cast-on this time and like it a whole lot more. The yarn is Mini Mochi. While the color saturation is great and it is very soft knitted up, the yarn is extremely splitty and is a pain in the neck to knit. I won't knit with it again.

Other summer-related stuff is also going great.

The house looks beautiful with all the flowers in bloom.

I love the purple coneflowers.

And the garden. Oh boy, the garden!

It is starting to produce now. Check this out!
And this
And this

Aren't they beautiful?

It is going to be a great summer! I am happy. So is Runty. All the while he is peering out from inside the house.

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