Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stash knitting

I have been really good.

Except for three skeins of sock yarn (which doesn't count as stash), I have not bought any yarn this year! Instead I have been digging into my stash and found out that I have a lot of really very very nice yarn. Redoing the basement helped a lot. All the yarn is now in one room waiting to be sorted while the big room is being painted. I actually found it fun going through what I have and trying to match the yarn with the pattern.

So what am I knitting from stash?

This it the start of Kitty Pi for Runty. I cannot believe I had not come across this pattern and knitted it for Runty before! The yarn is Debbie Bliss Soho. I got the yarn a while back. It will be an experiment in felting too. I have a top-loading high effiency washing machine, which I heard doesn't do well felting. We shall see. I might have to go to a friend and borrow her washing machine.

This glob is my February Lady sweater.

This is Rowan Summer Tweed. Obviously I need a longer cable! I just finished the garter stich part and now am starting the lace part. This Summer Tweed has gone through a couple of frogging in previous projects yet it is holding up very well. I need to get a longer circular and pick it up again.

In the meantime pair #4 for Summer of Socks is on the way. This is Boyfriend socks.

Cascade heritage handpaint. A very generous yardage at 437 yards. Hopefully I can get longer legs out of this yarn. The pattern is written for toe-ups, but I am doing them cuff-down. I know, I know. I think I still prefer the heel-and gusset construction and look of the cuff-downs. I will knit socks toe-up though. In fact I have Baudelaire in mind as the next pair.

I need more knitting time!

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