Monday, March 10, 2008

Another weekend gone by

How fast time goes.

It is hard to believe we are almost mid-March already. February literary leapt by us!

Saturday was gloomy and rainy but that didn't bother us die-hard knitters. We had our usual workshop and knit-in day at the Barn. Except we had a most unusual visitor.

Flat Stanley came to visit the Yarn Barn.

For those of you who might not know him, Flat Stanley is a little boy who was flattened by a bulletin board. He took it in stride and uses his flatness to his advantage. He now gets mailed around the world where he sees and tells stories to children in grade schools and promotes literacy and letter-writing through the Flat Stanley Literacy Project. Read more about Flat Stanley here. And if you want to know about or participate in his literacy project, go here. Who knows, you might get a Flat Stanley in the mail!

At the Yarn Barn he checked out the progress on our entrelac vests.

Velva made the most progress. Hers (the one Flat Stanley is standing on) is almost done. I forgot I was making mine smaller than the pattern and should have had fewer rectangles before dividing for the armhole --- frogpond it went. Oh, well... It is getting there.

Another visitor is there to stay. Little Penny came to stay with Penny!

Her neighbor made the pottery doll for Penny as a thank you gift for supporting her in time of troubles. She is adorable. We all want one!

Late afternoon a wicked storm descended upon us. The sky turned black.

A lot of people lost power for several hours Saturday night. We lucked out and did not lose any.

Sunday dawned bright and chilly. I check the outside thermometer. 22 degree. The first day of Daylight's Saving Time? I took a deep breath, stepped outside to get the paper and was greeted by this:

There's hope.

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