Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday update

Just a quickie.
I finally skeined up my spinning and washed it to set the twist. It looks really nice. Now what to do with it.

Well, I just signed up for the "Mystic Light" mystery shawl knitalong on the Yahoo group. I'll knit a swatch and see how it looks.

In the meantime Velva is almost done with her entrelac vest. It looks really nice!

She has run into a fate worse than death for a knitter, though: running out of yarn! We are looking for two balls of Silk Garden Lite #2021. Will pay top dollars for it!

Bye now. Gotta go on a yarn search mission.


Anonymous said...

Hi it's Jennie from Knit group on wednesdays. Love the blog. I suggest searching Raverly for the yarn and see if anyone is interested in getting rid of theirs or ebay. see you wednesday :)

Anonymous said...

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