Thursday, August 13, 2009

Done, done, done!

Presenting Babette:

I am so happy with this. I didn't have enough yarn to crochet three rounds of edging. Instead I did one round and then did a crap stitch all around to give it a finished look. I can't wait to give it to my friends Pom and Julie when they come back from vacation next week.

In the meantime I worked a little bit on Girasole.

Love this one too. It doesn't have a disignated giftee yet. I will have to think hard about parting with this one. But then again I can knit myself another one. My Christmas gift list this year is quite long but they are the people I really love so this one will be in the Christmas box.

As I was taking pictures outside Runty came out for a bit too. He likes sniffing around in the flower bed.

Maybe I should teach him how to pull the weeds...

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