Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am really, really happy with Babette.

All the assembly is done. I started the edging last night but haven't quite finished yet. I am having a hard time keeping it away from Runty!

He likes it too. Maybe I should make a baby-size for the Runt.

In the meantime I whipped up a birthday present for a friend.

Just Enough Ruffles. Malabrigo merino worsted in dusty pink. This yarn is soft!

Another pretty little knit. I have another birthday present to knit. Three August birthday. This is the second one:

Lavelette. In Prism Saki sock yarn colorway tumbleweed. This should be a quick knit. I haven't come up with a project for the third August birthday yet. I probably will end up reaching into my "socks box" for a pair for her.

And I have to keep cranking on Harald for Carl as well. The sleeves got under way.

About a quarter done. Really, I need more hours in the day!

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