Wednesday, August 26, 2009

There is no monogamy in my knitting life

Isn't variety the spice of life?

I have a knitting friend who decides on a pattern, buys the yarn, knits the project, finishes it and then decides on a new project.

I greatly admire her self-decipline and sometimes wish I were like that. Because I think I might be in over my head right now with projects underway and projects in queue.

My Christmas gift list is so long. Everything I have on the needles right now is for someone else. Not that I mind. I love giving gifts that I made myself, especially to the people I love. The things is I need more time to knit.

And no mistake! Not like this:

That's my Girasole. Actually it's for my friends George and Ann MacDonald. And it had a mistake on row two of chart d. And I was on row 12 when I noticed it. There are 380 stiches per row. That's 3,800 stitches I ripped back. I am now back up and plucking along. Love that pattern.

Lesson learned: Check your work after each row, especially when it comes to yarn-over.

Fortunately the Central Park Hoodie for Julie is moving right along.

I am up to the armhole shaping on the back now. I love Dream in Color yarn. It is such a joy to knit. And the cables really pop even though you can't see them too well in the picture. Here is a close-up.

Romeo Blue. One of Dream in Color's new semi-solid colors. It is simply beautiful. I had bought ten skeins from the Loopy Ewe (on sale) meaning to knit Carl a sweater. Then when I couldn't get gauge (or didn't the look of the fabric when I got gauge) of the Cascade 220 superwash I got for the hoodie, I decided to use this instead. I had to order two more skeins from Eat.Sleep.Knit since the Loopy Ewe did not have any more. I was holding my breath afraid the color wouldn't match. I lucked out. There is very little color variation in the two dye lots. I am alternating the two new skeins nonetheless.

The yardage called for in the Central Park Hoodie pattern is a surprise though. I am making a 52-in bust size which calls for 2,928 yards. That's 11.7 skeins of DIC. Well I am almost done with the back and have not even used two skeins. Assuming the two front pieces will take two skeins, the sleeves three, I will have five skeins left for the hood? Maybe the fronts and the sleeves will take more. I have never done such a size before so we shall see. I hope I won't end up with two or three skeins left that I will then have to match the color again. The next size down (48-in bust) calls for 1,830 yards. That's 1,098 yards less than the 52-in bust size. Hmm.

I am plugging along with Rambling Rows as well. I try to knit at least one block each day. There are 55 blocks in the blanket. I've got ten so far.

In the meantime I need a small project to take along.

I was checking out one of our newest yarn stores in the area, Nature's Yarn, when I came across this Zauberball sock yarn. Perfect for a multi-directional diagonal scarf. Another to go in the Christmas gift box.

Too many projects; too little time.

Why do I have to work too?

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